Pool Water Levels in Summer

Is your pool losing water in summer? While some water loss is normal, if the levels drop too low, your pool filter and pump can be damaged. Pools tend to lose more water in summer because of evaporation and heavier use. So, let’s find out more about why your pool water levels drop and what you can do to keep on top of it.

How Much Pool Water Is Lost Through Evaporation?

Summer means warm weather and this means evaporation rates are higher in summer. Exactly how much pool water you lose will depend on factors such as

  • Humidity
  • wind
  • Location
  • Average temperatures

However, an average pool can be expected to lose approximately 5 mm of water per day. A fairly accurate way to determine how much water your pool is losing through evaporation is with a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, mark the water level and repeat every 24 hours. You can then take an average over a week. Simples!

Ways Pool Water is Lost

Evaporation is just one way pool water is lost. Leaks, swimming and backwashing are other common ways your pool loses water. So, how do you keep your pool water at just the right level?

A pool cover will reduce evaporation dramatically and also prevent debris from falling into the pool. Pool covers also make your pool water warmer which may be a good or a bad thing depending on your preference!

If you are losing a lot of water it’s possible you may have a leak so check with a professional pool builder if you suspect this is the problem.

Toowoomba Pool Builder

Remember when topping up your pool you will need to consider current water restrictions in Toowoomba. And if you need the advice of a local pool builder simply contact us!