New Swimming Pool: Which Design Will You Choose?

New Swimming Pool: Which Design Will You Choose? Toowoomba Pools & SpasBuilding a new pool is an exciting time, but before the excavator moves in, there are some important decisions you need to make. One of the more enjoyable tasks is selecting a pool shape. Many of our clients are surprised to discover just how many pool shapes there are to choose from. In this post  we will explore the 10 most popular new pool shapes.

  1. Lazy L  Pools  – suits wide open spaces
  2. Roman Swimming Pools – a timeless, classic design
  3. Free Form Pools – choose your own shape!
  4. Geometric Pools – modern shape that suits all homes
  5. Grecian Pools – plenty of room for all the family
  6. Figure 8 Pools – combines organic shapes with retro modern styling
  7. Rectangular Pools – perfect when you have limited space
  8. Circular Pool – attractive but needs lots of space
  9. Oval Pool  – the most popular of all the different pool shapes
  10. Keyhole Pools – compliments all backyards and perfect for corner areas


Your New Pool

Whatever the size of your backyard, there will be a pool to fit. Plunge Pools and Lap Pools are becoming increasingly popular as our backyards shrink. Plunge Pools also tend to be cheaper and require less maintenance than traditional pools. Once you have decided on the shape, your next job will be to hire a professional pool builder. If you’re building a new pool in Toowoomba, the experts at Toowoomba Pools and Spas are a great choice!

New Pool Building : Step By Step

The first step is the obvious one – digging a hole. Next comes removing the excess soil. Once this has been completed the depression is shaped and pipes are laid by a plumber and an electrician. The structure will then be lowered into the hole and the utilities connected. The steps for an above ground pool are slightly different. First, the area where the pool will sit is cleared (sometimes this involves excavation). After this, dangerous objects are removed, pipes are installed, and the pool is constructed from the bottom up. Finally, the utilities are connected by a plumber and an electrician.