How Much Does a Pool Cost and Other FAQs

If you’re looking to make a new addition to your home, you might want to consider building a swimming pool, especially if you have a good-sized yard. Not only does it make your property more valuable and attractive, a swimming pool also encourages your entire family to stay physically active. Plus, with a pool of your own, you don’t have to go to crowded beaches or water parks if you want to cool off during summer.

But before you go and install a swimming pool in your yard, there are important things you must know to avoid potential problems in the future.

How Much Does a Pool Cost?

The size and features of your swimming pool will ultimately depend on the amount of money you’re willing to spend on it. As such, it’s important to ensure that you have the budget for the project you have in mind. The cost of a swimming pool depends on its type and the materials that will be used to build it. For example, installing an in-ground concrete pool will generally cost more than a  fibreglass pool. You’ll also have to account for other expenses such as landscaping as well as pool fencing and safety.

What Is A Good Size Swimming Pool?

The answer to this question will depend on your preferences, your budget and your available yard space. However, while you can build a lap pool in a relatively small yard, many experts agree that bigger is better. A bigger pool gives you more room to swim around, plus it adds more value to your property.

Do I Need a Fence For My New Pool?

Installing pool fencing is mandatory in Australia, so yes, you’ll need a fence for your swimming pool. Having your pool fencing and your pool registered is also a requirement so see to it that you check with the local authorities to ensure compliance.

Does My Pool Builder Need To Be Licensed?

Each state in Australia has different requirements when it comes to pool construction. Your best bet is  to shop around and ask questions. Obtain at least 3 written quotes and request to see examples of previous work. If you’re in Toowoomba, simply contact us to start building your dream pool.