Exercising in Your New Pool

new-pool-exerciseYou may have pictured yourself lying by the pool, reading or enjoying a cold drink, but did you know pools are also excellent for exercising? Pool exercise is a great way to work out in the comfort of your own home so you save both time and money. Most importantly, exercising in a pool is low impact. Therefore, you burn calories, get fit and work every muscle in your body without any strain on your joints. It’s also fun (and not sweaty!). What more can you ask for?!

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of gentle starter exercises for you to try at home.  These are our favourite 4 but you can find many more om Aqua Exercises.


Squats have many benefits, they are brilliant for building leg muscles and promote muscle growth all around the body. However, they are tough on the knees UNLESS you do them in a pool! Start with your feet wider than hip width, squat, and then jump out of the water. Increasing the depth of the water increases the intensity of the exercise.

Kicksnew pool toowoomba

Work your legs and tone muscle with some intense kicking. Hold on to the edge of the pool, or  use a paddleboard, and kick rapidly behind you. Keep your legs under the water. The goal is not to make splash but to kick as hard as possible.


Think your pool is too small to do laps? Think again. With a Stationary Swimming System you can swim endless laps in the comfort of your backyard pool. These devices are attached to an immovable object, like a fence or a tree, and you wear a harness around your waist. Commence swimming!

Otter Roll

This fun exercise requires a smallish beach ball or a similar. We like it because it targets so many different muscles including your back, abs, buttocks and legs. Float on your back and hug the ball close to your chest. Keeping your get together, roll over the top of the ball, making a full circle. Repeat and enjoy the results!

Don’t own a pool? Talk to Toowoomba Pools and Spas about our wide range.