Essential Swimming Pool Terminology

If you’re thinking about building a new swimming pool, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with industry terminology before you contact your local pool builder. That way, when you do have a pool consultation, you’ll be familiar with the different products being offered so you can make an informed decision. A knowledge of pool terminology will also be useful during the construction of your new pool.

Frequently Used Terms

The most common types of pool are above-ground, in-ground, fibreglass, infinity and concrete. All of these can be designed to fit different spaces. These are the terms you will most likely hear before, during and after your new pool is constructed.

  • Acid Wash – An acid solution is used to clean the interior of the pool before it is filled.
  • Backwash – Water is pumped through your pool’s filter to clear out dirt and debris. Best done around once a month.
  • Filter – removes dirt and debris from pool water. Most commonly either a cartridge filter or a sand filter.
  • Hydrostatic Valve – Also known as a hydrostatic relief valve, this spring loaded plug is designed to open in the event the groundwater pressure (pressure outside the pool) becomes greater than the pressure in the pool. Prevents the pool from being pushed up out of the ground.
  • In-Floor Cleaner – an automatic cleaning system consisting of drains and retractable jets that utilises high-pressure water streams to push dirt and debris out of corners.
  • Pool Cleaner or Vacuum – An device that collects dirt and debris from the bottom and sides of your pool. Examples include robotic, suction, pressure or in-floor automatic.

More essential swimming pool terminology will be covered in our next blog post!

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